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1.“看”:look; see; watch; observe; notice; catch sight of; stare; glare1; glance; glimpse; see a film; watch TV
2. “說”:telll sth to sb.=tell sb sth; talk with sb about sth; say sth; speak in English; whisper sth to sb; inform sb of sth; reason /talk/persuade sb into doing sth; bargain; chat; repeat; explain; warn; remind; discuss; debate; figure; declare; claim; mention; admit; deny; describe; announce; introduce; complain
3. “叫”:cry; call; shout; scream; moan2; sigh; quarrel
4. “問”:ask; interview; express; question
5. “答”:answer; respond; reply
6. “聽”:listen to; hear; pick up; overhear3
7. “笑”:smile; laugh; burst into laughter; burst out laughing
8. “哭”:cry; shed tears; weep; sob4; burst into tears /burst out crying
9. “吃/喝”:eat/drink; sip5; have a meal; have supper; toast; taste; treat sb to; help oneself to
10. “穿”:put on; wear; have on; be dressed in; make up; get changed; be in red; take off ; remove
11. “行”:walk ; run ; climb; jump; skip; slip; come/go; enter; move; drive; ride; fly; crawl
12. “坐”:sit down; be seated; seat oneself; take a seat,stand; lean
13. “睡/休息”:lie /on one’s back/on one's side/ on one’s stomach; stay in bed; have a rest; take a nap; be asleep; bend; turn over; rest
14. “寫”:dictate; write sth; describe; drop a line; draw; take down/write down
15. “拿/放”:take; bring; hold; carry; fetch; put; lay; pull; push
16. “抓”:take hold of; seize; grasp; scratch
17. “打”:hit; beat; strike; blow; attack
18. “扔”:throw; drop; fall; wave; shake
19. “送”:send; deliver; give; offer; see off
20. “摸/抱”:ouch; fold; embrace; hug; hold; in one’s arms
21. “踢/碰”:kick; knock; tip
22. “找/查”:find; look for; find out; discover/explore; hunt for; search for;seek,seek for in search of; search sb; search sp. for sth; check; examine; test; inspect
23. “得”:get; obtain; acquire; gain; possess
24. “失”:lose; be lost /be missing/gone; great loss
25. “有”:have; own; conquer; occupy;possess
26. “無”:nothing left; the remaining thing; disappear; be missing /gone
27. “增/減”:rise / go up,drop; raise; bring down /reduce; increase/decrease
28. “買/賣”:buy; purchase; afford; pay; pay off ; pay for; sell; on sale; bargain; bill / cheque / cash/credit card/notes/coins; discounts
29. “存在/消失”:come into being; exist; appear; survive ; live; show; turn up; disappear; die; die out; pass away; be out of sight
30. “變化”:develop; improve ; become; grow; go+ bad /wrong/ sour;turn + colour; change /change into; reform
31. “成功/失敗”:make it; succeed; make progress; come true; realize one’s dream; win; lose; fail to do; defeat; suffer loss; beat; turn sth. into reality
32. “努力”:try /manage; make efforts; attempt ; do one's best; do as much as one can to do
33. 祝賀:congratulate sb. on sth.; celebrate; observe; get together
34. 敬佩:admire; respect; show respect for/to; adore6; envy ;be jealousy7
35. 贊美/批評:praise; think highly of; blame sb for sth; sb is to blame; criticize /scold sb. for sth.; have a low opinion of sb; speak ill of
36. 喜/惡:like; love; be fond of ; be keen on; be crazy about; adore; be into; prefer; enjoy; dislike hate; ignore
37. 到達:arrive at; reach; return to; get to; stay in sp.; visit; leave; leave for
38. 受傷:hurt ; injure; wound; cut; kill; drown; bleed; get burnt; suffer from; suffer a loss
39. 損壞:damage; destroy; ruin; break down; crash; be broken
40. 修復:repair; rebuild; restore; fix; recover oneself
41. “認識的過程” :feel; sense; guess; suppose; wonder; doubt; know /learn realize understand remember; be familiar with; recall; recite; apply to
42. 認為;判斷:think; believe; consider; find; feel; conclude; infer; doubt
43. 想/考慮:think of…as...; think about; consider; think over
44. 支持/反對:agree; disagree; accept; receive; refuse; turn down; be against; elect; vote for/ against
45. 花費:sth/doing sth+cost; sb+spend+ (in) doing sth; sb+afford +n/to do sth ; It +takes/took some time/ money/energy to do sth; sb pay some money for sth.
46. 省/存錢:save /save up; set aside; put away
47. 參加:take part in; join /join in; attend; compete in/ for/against
48. 控告:accuse sb. of; charge sb. with
49. 救治/幫助:help /help out; save /rescue sb from sth.; treat; cure sb. of sth; aid sb in doing sth / to do sth; help sb with sth;assist sb in doing sth
50. 逃避:run away; escape from; flee; hide
51. 阻止/禁止:prevent / keep/ stop sb. from doing sth; forbid doing sth.; ban; prohibit
52. 對付/處理:handle / do with / deal with /tackle /overcome sth ; solve; settle
53. 效仿:copy; imitate; learn from; learn
54. 爆發/發生:come about; happen to; take place; break out; burst out; go off; explode
55. 安裝/裝備:fasten; fix; set; equip; be armed with; be equipped with
56. 追求:pursuit8; ran after; seek after; chase; catch up with; keep up with
57. 建議:advise; suggest; recommend; propose; urge; demand; persuade
58. 打算:plan / intend / design to do; be going to do /be about to do /will do
59. 似乎/好象:seem; appear; look like;as if /as though
60. 開辦/關閉:open; start; set up; close/close up; end; close down


1 glare WQjzi     
  • Don't glare at me like that,you deserved the scolding.不要那么瞪著我,你本該受到訓斥的。
  • The glare from the fire lit up the sky.火光照亮了天空。
2 moan njHye     
  • From time to time there was a moan of pain from the sick man.病人不時發出一聲聲痛苦的呻吟。
  • They moan on a lot about money.他們對錢的事情抱怨不已。
3 overhear 3Kqxy     
  • I happened to overhear what he said.我碰巧聽到他說的話。
  • They stepped aside so that their child could not overhear their conversation.他們走到一邊去,不讓孩子聽見他們的談話。
4 sob HwMwx     
  • The child started to sob when he couldn't find his mother.孩子因找不到他媽媽哭了起來。
  • The girl didn't answer,but continued to sob with her head on the table.那個女孩不回答,也不抬起頭來。她只顧低聲哭著。
5 sip Oxawv     
  • She took a sip of the cocktail.她啜飲一口雞尾酒。
  • Elizabeth took a sip of the hot coffee.伊麗莎白呷了一口熱咖啡。
6 adore GfoyD     
  • People adore him for his noble character.人們因他的高貴品質而敬愛他。
  • I would adore to settle back homeland.我非常喜歡回家鄉定居。
7 jealousy WaRz6     
  • Some women have a disposition to jealousy.有些女人生性愛妒忌。
  • I can't support your jealousy any longer.我再也無法忍受你的嫉妒了。
8 pursuit p0pz0     
  • They set off at once along the lane in pursuit.他們立即出發沿著小巷追趕。
  • Life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness have been called the inalienable rights of man.生命、自由和追求幸福被稱為人類不可剝奪的權利。
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