The Adventure of the Speckled Band花斑帶之謎 (七)
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I took a step forward. In an instant his strange headgear began
to move, and there reared itself from among his hair the squat1
diamond-shaped head and puffed2 neck of a loathsome3 serpent.
"It is a swamp adder4!" cried Holmes; "the deadliest snake in
India. He has died within ten seconds of being bitten. Violence
does, in truth, recoil5 upon the violent, and the schemer falls
into the pit which he digs for another. Let us thrust this
creature back into its den6, and we can then remove Miss Stoner to
some place of shelter and let the county police know what has
As he spoke7 he drew the dog-whip swiftly from the dead man's lap,
and throwing the noose8 round the reptile's neck he drew it from
its horrid9 perch10 and, carrying it at arm's length, threw it into
the iron safe, which he closed upon it.
Such are the true facts of the death of Dr. Grimesby Roylott, of
Stoke Moran. It is not necessary that I should prolong a
narrative11 which has already run to too great a length by telling
how we broke the sad news to the terrified girl, how we conveyed
her by the morning train to the care of her good aunt at Harrow,
of how the slow process of official inquiry12 came to the
conclusion that the doctor met his fate while indiscreetly
playing with a dangerous pet. The little which I had yet to learn
of the case was told me by Sherlock Holmes as we travelled back
next day.
"I had," said he, "come to an entirely13 erroneous conclusion which
shows, my dear Watson, how dangerous it always is to reason from
insufficient14 data. The presence of the gypsies, and the use of
the word 'band,' which was used by the poor girl, no doubt to
explain the appearance which she had caught a hurried glimpse of
by the light of her match, were sufficient to put me upon an
entirely wrong scent15. I can only claim the merit that I instantly
reconsidered my position when, however, it became clear to me
that whatever danger threatened an occupant of the room could not
come either from the window or the door. My attention was
speedily drawn16, as I have already remarked to you, to this
ventilator, and to the bell-rope which hung down to the bed. The
discovery that this was a dummy17, and that the bed was clamped to
the floor, instantly gave rise to the suspicion that the rope was
there as a bridge for something passing through the hole and
coming to the bed. The idea of a snake instantly occurred to me,
and when I coupled it with my knowledge that the doctor was
furnished with a supply of creatures from India, I felt that I
was probably on the right track. The idea of using a form of
poison which could not possibly be discovered by any chemical
test was just such a one as would occur to a clever and ruthless
man who had had an Eastern training. The rapidity with which such
a poison would take effect would also, from his point of view, be
an advantage. It would be a sharp-eyed coroner, indeed, who could
distinguish the two little dark punctures18 which would show where
the poison fangs19 had done their work. Then I thought of the
whistle. Of course he must recall the snake before the morning
light revealed it to the victim. He had trained it, probably by
the use of the milk which we saw, to return to him when summoned.
He would put it through this ventilator at the hour that he
thought best, with the certainty that it would crawl down the
rope and land on the bed. It might or might not bite the
occupant, perhaps she might escape every night for a week, but
sooner or later she must fall a victim.
"I had come to these conclusions before ever I had entered his
room. An inspection20 of his chair showed me that he had been in
the habit of standing21 on it, which of course would be necessary
in order that he should reach the ventilator. The sight of the
safe, the saucer of milk, and the loop of whipcord were enough to
finally dispel22 any doubts which may have remained. The metallic23
clang heard by Miss Stoner was obviously caused by her stepfather
hastily closing the door of his safe upon its terrible occupant.
Having once made up my mind, you know the steps which I took in
order to put the matter to the proof. I heard the creature hiss24
as I have no doubt that you did also, and I instantly lit the
light and attacked it."
"With the result of driving it through the ventilator."
"And also with the result of causing it to turn upon its master
at the other side. Some of the blows of my cane25 came home and
roused its snakish temper, so that it flew upon the first person
it saw. In this way I am no doubt indirectly26 responsible for Dr.
Grimesby Roylott's death, and I cannot say that it is likely to
weigh very heavily upon my conscience."


1 squat 2GRzp     
  • For this exercise you need to get into a squat.在這次練習中你需要蹲下來。
  • He is a squat man.他是一個矮胖的男人。
2 puffed 72b91de7f5a5b3f6bdcac0d30e24f8ca     
adj.疏松的v.使噴出( puff的過去式和過去分詞 );噴著汽(或煙)移動;吹噓;吹捧
  • He lit a cigarette and puffed at it furiously. 他點燃了一支香煙,狂吸了幾口。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • He felt grown-up, puffed up with self-importance. 他覺得長大了,便自以為了不起。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
3 loathsome Vx5yX     
  • The witch hid her loathsome face with her hands.巫婆用手掩住她那張令人惡心的臉。
  • Some people think that snakes are loathsome creatures.有些人覺得蛇是令人憎惡的動物。
4 adder izOzmL     
  • The adder is Britain's only venomous snake.蝰蛇是英國唯一的一種毒蛇。
  • An adder attacked my father.一條小毒蛇攻擊了我父親。
5 recoil GA4zL     
  • Most people would recoil at the sight of the snake.許多人看見蛇都會向后退縮。
  • Revenge may recoil upon the person who takes it.報復者常會受到報應。
6 den 5w9xk     
  • There is a big fox den on the back hill.后山有一個很大的狐貍窩。
  • The only way to catch tiger cubs is to go into tiger's den.不入虎穴焉得虎子。
7 spoke XryyC     
n.(車輪的)輻條;輪輻;破壞某人的計劃;阻撓某人的行動 v.講,談(speak的過去式);說;演說;從某種觀點來說
  • They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.他們的輪輻螺帽是從我們公司獲得的。
  • The spokes of a wheel are the bars that connect the outer ring to the centre.輻條是輪子上連接外圈與中心的條棒。
8 noose 65Zzd     
  • They tied a noose round her neck.他們在她脖子上系了一個活扣。
  • A hangman's noose had already been placed around his neck.一個絞刑的繩圈已經套在他的脖子上。
9 horrid arozZj     
  • I'm not going to the horrid dinner party.我不打算去參加這次討厭的宴會。
  • The medicine is horrid and she couldn't get it down.這種藥很難吃,她咽不下去。
10 perch 5u1yp     
  • The bird took its perch.鳥停歇在棲木上。
  • Little birds perch themselves on the branches.小鳥兒棲歇在樹枝上。
11 narrative CFmxS     
  • He was a writer of great narrative power.他是一位頗有記述能力的作家。
  • Neither author was very strong on narrative.兩個作者都不是很善于講故事。
12 inquiry nbgzF     
  • Many parents have been pressing for an inquiry into the problem.許多家長迫切要求調查這個問題。
  • The field of inquiry has narrowed down to five persons.調查的范圍已經縮小到只剩5個人了。
13 entirely entirely     
  • The fire was entirely caused by their neglect of duty. 那場火災完全是由于他們失職而引起的。
  • His life was entirely given up to the educational work. 他的一生統統獻給了教育工作。
14 insufficient L5vxu     
  • There was insufficient evidence to convict him.沒有足夠證據給他定罪。
  • In their day scientific knowledge was insufficient to settle the matter.在他們的時代,科學知識還不能足以解決這些問題。
15 scent WThzs     
  • The air was filled with the scent of lilac.空氣中彌漫著丁香花的芬芳。
  • The flowers give off a heady scent at night.這些花晚上散發出醉人的芳香。
16 drawn MuXzIi     
  • All the characters in the story are drawn from life.故事中的所有人物都取材于生活。
  • Her gaze was drawn irresistibly to the scene outside.她的目光禁不住被外面的風景所吸引。
17 dummy Jrgx7     
  • The police suspect that the device is not a real bomb but a dummy.警方懷疑那個裝置不是真炸彈,只是一個假貨。
  • The boys played soldier with dummy swords made of wood.男孩們用木頭做的假木劍玩打仗游戲。
18 punctures f7bc2c2e87b7ff3e7e37325147106408     
n.(尖物刺成的)小孔( puncture的名詞復數 );(尤指)輪胎穿孔;(尤指皮膚上被刺破的)扎孔;刺傷v.在(某物)上穿孔( puncture的第三人稱單數 );刺穿(某物);削弱(某人的傲氣、信心等);泄某人的氣
  • My car has had two punctures this week. 這個星期我的汽車輪胎被戳破兩次。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • SCULLY: Needle punctures, maybe. An animal bite. Electrocution of some kind. 針刺的,也許。動物的咬傷。某種電擊。 來自互聯網
19 fangs d8ad5a608d5413636d95dfb00a6e7ac4     
n.(尤指狗和狼的)長而尖的牙( fang的名詞復數 );(蛇的)毒牙;罐座
  • The dog fleshed his fangs in the deer's leg. 狗用尖牙咬住了鹿腿。 來自《現代英漢綜合大詞典》
  • Dogs came lunging forward with their fangs bared. 狗齜牙咧嘴地撲過來。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
20 inspection y6TxG     
  • On random inspection the meat was found to be bad.經抽查,發現肉變質了。
  • The soldiers lined up for their daily inspection by their officers.士兵們列隊接受軍官的日常檢閱。
21 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震過后只有幾幢房屋還立著。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他們堅決反對對法律做任何修改。
22 dispel XtQx0     
  • I tried in vain to dispel her misgivings.我試圖消除她的疑慮,但沒有成功。
  • We hope the programme will dispel certain misconceptions about the disease.我們希望這個節目能消除對這種疾病的一些誤解。
23 metallic LCuxO     
  • A sharp metallic note coming from the outside frightened me.外面傳來尖銳鏗鏘的聲音嚇了我一跳。
  • He picked up a metallic ring last night.昨夜他撿了一個金屬戒指。
24 hiss 2yJy9     
  • We can hear the hiss of air escaping from a tire.我們能聽到一只輪胎的嘶嘶漏氣聲。
  • Don't hiss at the speaker.不要噓演講人。
25 cane RsNzT     
  • This sugar cane is quite a sweet and juicy.這甘蔗既甜又多汁。
  • English schoolmasters used to cane the boys as a punishment.英國小學老師過去常用教鞭打男學生作為懲罰。
26 indirectly a8UxR     
  • I heard the news indirectly.這消息我是間接聽來的。
  • They were approached indirectly through an intermediary.通過一位中間人,他們進行了間接接觸。