A Child's Goodnight
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At night the sun lies down for sleep
And crickets sing a tune.
The bullfrogs croak and creatures creep
Beneath the watching moon.
The masked raccoons and possums prowl
Through meadows moist with dew.
The fireflies flash, coyotes howl, 
And owls keep asking, "Who?"
At night our school is still and dark
And evening stars arrive.
And marble statues in the park
Appear to come alive.
Our nation's flag's been taken down
And city streets are bare.
Awakened bats soar over town
As nightmares children scare.
At night I hear my father snore
And baby brother cry
As shadows slide across the floor
And trucks go rumbling by.
I hear a siren's urgent squeal
While I lie safe in bed.
My hamster racing on its wheel
And raindrops overhead.
At night I hear the floorboards creak
And neighbor's car meow.
I feel my pillow press my cheek
And night air cool my brow.
I think about the recent past
And plan the coming day
Until I fall asleep at last
And dream the night away.

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