Night School
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露易絲·格麗克(Louise Glück),美國當代女詩人,2003-2004年美國桂冠詩人。
I am against
symmetry, he said. He was holding in both hands
an unbalanced piece of wood that had been
very large once, like the limb of a tree:
this was before its second life in the water,
after which, though there was less of it
in terms of mass, there was greater
spiritual density1. Driftwood,
he said, confirms my view—this is why it seems
inherently dramatic. To make this point,
he tapped the wood. Rather violently, it seemed,
because a piece broke off.
Movement! he cried. That is the lesson! Look at these paintings,
he said, meaning ours. I have been making art
longer than you have been breathing
and yet my canvases have life, they are drowning
in life—Here he grew silent.
I stood beside my work, which now seemed rigid2 and lifeless.
We will take our break now, he said.
I stepped outside, for a moment, into the night air.
It was a cold night. The town was on a beach,
near where the wood had been.
I felt I had no future at all.
I had tried and I had failed.
I had mistaken my failures for triumphs.
The phrase smoke and mirrors entered my head.
And suddenly my teacher was standing3 beside me,
smoking a cigarette. He had been smoking for many years,
his skin was full of wrinkles.
You were right, he said, the way
instinctively4 you stepped aside.
Not many do that, you’ll notice.
The work will come, he said. The lines
will emerge from the brush. He paused here
to gaze calmly at the sea in which, now,
all the planets were reflected. The driftwood
is just a show, he said; it entertains the children.
Still, he said, it is rather beautiful, I think,
like those misshapen trees the Chinese grow.
Pun-sai, they’re called. And he handed me
the piece of driftwood that had broken off.
Start small, he said. And patted my shoulder.


1 density rOdzZ     
  • The population density of that country is 685 per square mile.那個國家的人口密度為每平方英里685人。
  • The region has a very high population density.該地區的人口密度很高。
2 rigid jDPyf     
  • She became as rigid as adamant.她變得如頑石般的固執。
  • The examination was so rigid that nearly all aspirants were ruled out.考試很嚴,幾乎所有的考生都被淘汰了。
3 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震過后只有幾幢房屋還立著。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他們堅決反對對法律做任何修改。
4 instinctively 2qezD2     
  • As he leaned towards her she instinctively recoiled. 他向她靠近,她本能地往后縮。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • He knew instinctively where he would find her. 他本能地知道在哪兒能找到她。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
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