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The cherry-tree is a small tree which grows to a height of about twenty feet. Its stem is covered with a smooth brown bark, and its green leaves have saw-like edges, somewhat like the leaves of a rose-bush.
櫻桃樹是一種可以生長到20英尺左右高的小樹。其莖干被一層光滑的棕色樹皮包裹, 綠色的葉子則長有鋸齒狀邊緣, 其外形與薔薇的葉子相似。
A cherry-orchard1 in spring, say in the month of May, is a beautiful sight. The trees are then covered with white blossoms, which make the branches look as if a shower of snow had fallen on them. Soon the grass below is also white with the falling blossoms. The perfume of the cherry-blossom is very delightful2, and it attracts many insects looking for honey.
春季——比如五月——的櫻桃園美不勝收。那時, 櫻花怒放, 樹枝上銀裝素裹。很快, 飄落的櫻花掉在樹下的草地上, 好像一層美麗的白雪。櫻花的香味沁人心脾, 能吸引許多昆蟲飛來收集花蜜。
Let us pluck one of the pretty white flowers with which each cherry-tree is covered. Once this flower was only a bud, and then it looked like a little green ball. Now that the bud has opened, we see its green covering or cup turned back, and we notice that this cup is made of five small green leaves which have partly grown together.
讓我們從櫻桃樹上摘下一株美麗的櫻花。曾幾何時, 這株櫻花還只是一個綠色小球般的花蕾,F在, 花蕾綻開了。我們能夠看到, 綠色的包裹物或者說杯形結構已經向后彎曲。此時, 我們會注意到, 這種杯形結構實際上由五片部分連接的綠色萼片組成。
What we call the "flower" of the cherry-tree consists of five white leaves or petals3. Inside these petals are fifteen or twenty little dust-spikes or stamens, with yellow heads which are full of tiny yellow grains of pollen4. In the centre of the cherry-flower is the seed-vessel, which looks like a little green bag, with a long point called the style rising from it.
櫻桃樹的“花朵”有五個白色的花瓣;ò曛袆t長有15或20個小的粉穗或雄蕊, 頂部為黃色, 包含很多細小的黃色花粉顆粒。櫻花的中部就是種皮, 外形像一個綠色小囊, 花柱從這里向外生長。
If you look at the flowers of the wild rose, of the strawberry, and of the apple, you will find that they are all very much like the flower of the cherry.
觀察一下野生玫瑰、草莓以及蘋果的花朵, 就會發現, 它們的結構與櫻花非常相似。
In fact, all these four plants belong to the same class.
實際上, 這四種植物同屬一個種類。
If we visit the orchard again in June, we shall find that all the white flowers have fallen off the cherry-trees, and that the seed-vessel of each flower has swollen5 into a green cherry.
到了六月, 再次前往櫻桃園時就會看到, 那些白色花朵已經凋謝, 而花朵上的種皮則膨脹成為了一個綠色的櫻桃。
Then later still, in July and August, the cherries will be ripe. Some trees produce white cherries, and others red cherries; and others still produce cherries which are nearly black. On the outside of each ripe cherry is a thin skin. Under this skin is a thick, sweet, fleshy pulp6, and this is the part of the fruit that we eat.
再過一段時間, 到了七八月份, 櫻桃就會成熟。櫻桃的顏色各不相同:白色、紅色、甚至接近黑色。每一顆成熟的櫻桃外面都包裹著一層薄衣, 里面則是甘甜、多汁的肥厚果肉, 我們吃的就是這一部分。
In the centre of the fruit we find a hard lump called the "stone. " If we break this stone open, we shall find a kernel7 inside. This is the true seed of the cherry-tree. If we plant a cherry-stone, it will in time break open, and a little cherry-tree will spring up from the kernel after it has lain in the ground several years.
櫻桃的中間部分就是一個被稱為“果核”的堅硬小塊。打開這個果核, 會看到里面的果仁。這就是櫻桃樹的種子。將櫻桃的果核種在地里, 到了適當的時候它就會裂開, 經過幾年的時間之后, 一棵小的櫻桃樹就會從果仁中生長而出。
In most parts of Great Britain you will find the cherry growing wild in the woods and hedge-rows. But the fruit of these wild cherry-trees is not nearly so large or so sweet as that of the trees which are cultivated in our gardens and orchards8.
英國很多地方的森林、樹籬等地都長有野生的櫻桃樹, 但是與種植在花園及果園中的櫻桃相比, 果實遠沒有那么大, 也沒有那么甜。
The wood of the cherry-tree is much used for making furniture. It is a hard wood, of a very pretty, brownish colour.
櫻桃木主要用來制作家具, 這種硬木呈現出非常光亮的棕色。


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